The Lyon County Riverboat Foundation seeks to be the catalyst to help qualified organizations meet needs within Lyon County and beyond in the areas of development, beautification, education, and human and social issues.

Fund Descriptions

The LCRF currently has two programs through which it distributes grants and funds from the net receipts it receives from the Grand Falls Casino Resort.


Organizations interested in applying for grants directly from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation will be through the Competitive Fund. Application materials for the Competitive Fund are found under the "Grant Applications" section of this web site.


Through the Competitive Fund, the LCRF Board of Directors will distribute 50% of the annual net receipts it receives from the Grand Falls Casino Resort in the form of grants and scholarships. Awards will be made based on an application. The application form can be downloaded from this site as a Microsoft Word document, which needs to be bundled with supporting paperwork and submitted as a PDF file. There is also a PDF document outlining the eligibility guidelines.


The LCRF Board of Directors holds two rounds of applications each year for the Competitive Fund. A copy of the application for this grant round is available on this web site.  Paper copies will be available at the LCRF office.


The LCRF Board of Directors encourages potential applicants to submit a brief Notification of Intent to Apply, which is available as a Microsoft Word document for download from this site. This notification is optional and will not affect the applications evaluation, but it will help the Board get some insight into the applications that will be submitted, and may help the applicant to see if they have met the guidelines and program objectives.


All applicants should be aware that their applications, and any supporting materials, become public documents after submission. All applicants are advised that they will be required to submit several items of supporting material with their application.


If the applicant organization files a federal IRS 990 or 990-N tax return, include a copy of the front page of your most recent copy of the 990 or 990-N form.


Non-profit organizations need a letter of designation as a tax exempt organization from the IRS, a current Certificate of Existence from the Iowa Secretary of State stating that the applicant is an active Iowa non-profit – this is not applicable to governmental bodies and schools.


If the project takes place on state or local government property, school property or with government equipment, then the project must be listed on a resolution from the local government or school district acknowledging it.  A copy of the resolution must be provided.


Letters or documentation of confirmed matching funds, on the letterhead of the funding source, must accompany this application.  Please be aware that it may take several weeks to obtain these documents, so plan accordingly before submitting a grant.

Early applications will be reviewed by the executive assistant as time allows, up to one week before the grant deadline.  Unfortunately, applications submitted at or near the deadline cannot receive this review.


Funds awarded in the LCRF Municipal Fund will be programmed by the City Council of each respective city and the School Board of each respective school district.  These funding percentages are as follows: