The Lyon County Riverboat Foundation seeks to be the catalyst to help qualified organizations meet needs within Lyon County and beyond in the areas of development, beautification, education, and human and social issues.

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Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Awards $1.5 Million to 28 Area Organizations


Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, Larchwood, IA – On November 9, 2023, the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation (LCRF) awarded $1.5 million in 2024 grant funds to 28 organizations in Northwest Iowa, Southeast South Dakota, and Southwest Minnesota at the 2023 Fall Competitive Grant award ceremony. Nearly 130 people representing various nonprofit organizations and local governments attended.


The LCRF seeks to be the catalyst to help qualified organizations meet needs within Lyon County and beyond with a primary emphasis in the areas of Community Development & Beautification, Education & Arts, Economic Development, and Human & Social Needs. Many of the organizations awarded funding this fall were for brick-and-mortar projects and other projects that will have a long-lasting impact on their communities. Among those are the following:


§  Community Center projects include new, rebuilt, or enhanced community centers in Alvord, Doon, Inwood, and Lester.

§  Recreational projects include improvements to ball fields in Alvord and Larchwood, a trail expansion in Rock Rapids, a natural playscape, outdoor classroom and new docks and boats at Lake Pahoja.

§  Veteran related projects include the sponsoring of Midwest Honor Flight Mission 18, Crooks Veterans Park, Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere, building repair at VFW Post 6960, and veteran burial flag cases.


Other projects receiving significant funding with enduring impact include a shelter for family safety through the Children’s Home Society, a Mid-Sioux Opportunity facility upgrade in Rock Rapids and enhancements at the Blood Run National Historic Landmark by the Friends of Blood Run organization.


LCRF is the nonprofit organization that holds the gaming license for Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort (GFCR), which is located by the city of Larchwood in Lyon County, Iowa. Iowa law requires that the LCRF is funded through a portion of the GFCR gaming revenue, and that money should be used to fund charitable and civic needs in and outside of their communities. The Lyon County Riverboat Foundation was established in June of 2011 and since that time has distributed almost $30 million to those charitable and civic organizations.

2023 Competitive Grant Recipients:


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